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While Danstar Productions has been active in licensing mainstream music for many years, its sister company, The Giannetta Group, has focused solely on dance electronica. It was formed by Janet Marie, recording as producer/artist “Giannetta Marconi”, in order to promote her trademark brand of HotMix™ dance music.

Every track must pass “The Dance Test” to be eligible for Giannetta’s HotMix™ brand! She has developed a unique sound that incorporates EuroDance, Trance, Techno, and Deep House, often interspersed with ultra-sexy voice/overs and ethereal arias. Her first CD, a multi-mix single entitled “Put It Where You Want It (Choisis Moi)”, mixed sexy French vocals with a pounding dance beat, and it was nominated for a Los Angeles Music Award for Best Dance Female Vocal. Artist Avril Sage provided the beautiful arias in the background.

Giannetta Marconi on the red carpet at the LA Music Awards

A companion piece was the sassy, in-your-face techno mix called “Choisis Moi Appetizer Mix” which reflected Marconi’s slightly wicked, yet playful, sense of humor.
“You’re like a dog (who barks all night at the moon)
Tu es comme un chien (qui aboie toute la nuit à la lune)
You’re like a dog (who barks all night at the moon)
So rollover… and maybe…I’ll give you a little treat!”

Next up was “Dancing Across the Mediterranean Sea”, an evocative, almost haunting club dance track that transports the listener into the feel of an endless summer.
“Hot nights, warm breeze, you and me…
Summer of love, time to be free
Ibiza, Majorca, Roma, Capri –
Dancing Across the Mediterranean Sea”

Currently, Giannetta Marconi is working on her Week of G album featuring one track for each day of the week, and a few are now in pre-release. Here’s one – “Wednesday Transcends-Day”. Enjoy.

The tracks of Giannetta Marconi are widely available on multiple streaming platforms. To listen to additional tracks, please see http://soundcloud.com/giannettamarconi.

For further information, please e-mail contact@giannettamarconi.com.

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